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In HG and SS, you get to talk and walk with your Pokemon. If you talk to them, they give a reaction. Does the reaction symbolize anything? I know if it yawns, it symbolizes that it is inside the Pokemon center, what else? Please include a source too.



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In addition to the previous answers, there are many other different phrases a Pokemon can use. The interactions between you and your Pokemon can symbolise it's happiness, current mood, current status (eg. poison) or other pointless stuff :P
For example, (Pokemonname) is going to fall down! occurs when HP is red.
(Pokemonname)'s burn looks painful! occurs when burnt
(Pokemonname) began poking you in the stomach occurs when it is happy/very happy (different emoticons for both).
Anyway, there are alot of different phrases for one emotion, or one condition (apart from status) so you can check a full listof emtions guide for HGSS here <---- HERE
There are also special interactions for certain Pokemon, in special areas. For example, in the Dark Cave, if you interact with an Ice-type Pokemon, it will go 'Pokémon is cheerful that it’s become a bit cold!' You can check a list of these interactions here <----- HERE
Sorry I didn't list all of the interactions too long ;~;

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In a Pokemart, it will look at the shelves. When it has low hp, it will be dizzy. When it is paralyzed, it will struggle to keep up with you.

Source: Experience


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if a heart appears, it means it loves you :3 if a musical note, its dancing. if a smiley face, its happy. hope I helped!

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Walking Pokémon reactions basically reflect - and can affect - their Happiness value, as well as their reaction to their environment. You get phone calls from Ethan/Lyra explaining a few areas and possible PKMN reactions, so try that.

But some PKMN react to their immediate environment. Take a Fire-type PKMN to the beach and walk in the water. Talk to it and see it's reaction.

If you ever see that your PKMN dances, it might've found a Golden Leaf. If it seems to have picked up an item, don't take it unless your PKMN's Happiness value is good or high. Take the item to find something for your Fashion Case. If you try to take it away, the PKMN will get mad, but you'll get the item anyway. If you don't take it, your PKMN will play with it. (I think this raises it's Happiness value, but I'm not sure.)

There are basically too many possible reactions to list, because there are so many PKMN, so any types, so many areas, and so many other factors for a reaction.

Source: experience.