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My Stoutland is level 97. For instance.


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Well, the Lucky Egg helps in one way or another. It always helped me with my Lv. 60 Black 2 team, so with a Level 90 Pokemon I'm sure could work just as well. xD

Audino can also be a very experience-consuming Pokemon. Be sure to find some, especially at high levels like near or at Victory Road. Also, you can do the Giant Chasm. With the Lucky Egg applied, you'll be counting stars. :D

You can also try your luck at the Big Stadium and the Small Court - trainers are there every time and there's a good damn lot of them, with high-levelled Pokemon.

And, of course, the strongest trainers in the game are Sinnoh Champion Cynthia in Undella Town, and Game Freak Morimoto in Castelia City.

So, there you go.
Hope I helped. :)
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I use this method too but I trade to my black because it gives more exp and it has all my strong Pokémon in it. By use this method, I now have a lot of level one hundreds!
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If this is in generation 5, I would recommend Audino training, just look for shaking spots.
Outside of gen 5 and other methods, battle any leftover trainers you missed, rematch gym leaders, and battle high level Pokemon.
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so pretty much the easiest way to grind:) also The Audinos need to be high levels