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They both are Poison and Dark types and have base stats at about 500 and I want a Dark type for my party.

It would also be helpful if you could provide your final thoughts on which one is superior.

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  • Access to Swords Dance and Agility
  • Great Bulk
  • Good coverage


  • Unusable special attack
  • Not very useful abilities



  • Great HP to make up for its less than desirable defenses
  • Useful ability in Aftermath
  • Decent special attack; ability to have a mixed set


  • Below average coverage
  • Worse boosting moves

In the end, I would go for Drapion due to it being superior in almost every way. It has Swords Dance and Agility, which Skuntank doesn't have. It has pretty good coverage, which Skuntank misses out on. And altogether, Drapion is bulkier than Skuntank.

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