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I don't get this at all - the sinnoh pokedex says drapion is a bug and poison type because Aaron (bug type elite 4) has one, but the Unova pokedex says its a dark and poison type because Grimsley has it?

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Drapion is a Dark/Poison type. Aaron doesn't have to have all Bug types, as Flint has a Lopunny and Steelix. Drapion is similar to a bug and is in the Bug egg group.

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No, flint dosen't have a lopunny I just battled the pokemon league
Really? what game are you playing?
he has platinum where he has magmotar houndoom and flareon
well in d/p he has lopunny and steelix.
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well Drapion is a bug just not bug type
its a scorpion and it evolves from the bug/poison Skorupi
also Drapion is in the Bug Egg group

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