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how do you get the bushes to appear in white forrest in Pokemon white

oh and this the link to the DB chat room. It is practically just chat

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The appearance of White Forest is dependent on the number of people
currently residing there. When the player enters the forest for the
very first time, the total number of residents is determined by the
number of days it took the player to reach White Forest. The number of
residents can be between 0 (low occupancy) and 10 (maximum occupancy).

In addition to visual changes, some wild Pokémon will only appear with
a certain resident. At maximum occupancy White Forest contains large
trees, many patches of tall grass and can have water surfaces.
At low
level occupancy the trees are smaller, there are fewer or no water
surfaces, and patches of tall grass are sparse. The Mayor's House and
Pokémon Center are present regardless of how many people reside in the


Practically in order to get bushes/patches of grass to appear or to have wild Pokemon in it you will need to have residents in White Forest. This can be done easily the faster you get to White Forest. If this wasn't the case then you will have to have an interaction through Entra Link with Black City. This can be done when you and your friend have joint quests through Black City/White Forest. When this is done people and Pokemon will appear. When you have arrived in Black City you will need to battle the residents of the City. The first evoultion of their Pokemon will now appear in the grass pacthes

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can u find a link that shows hiw to joint quests/ how it is all done??
kk, I will do my best. Well the joint quest are more like activities you need to do with someone  who has the opposite game as you. An example of this is that will have to talk to a certain person in the Black City of your friend