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I can't catch two of the same Pokemon and in the route just east of rustboro on route 116 I ran into a whismur the only Pokemon in the rus turf cave are whismur can I release the already caught whismur catch a new Pokemon on 116 and then continue on to the cave catch a whismur and carry on my quest for justice and adventure?
Is this breaking the rules?


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No. That's breaking the rules of a Nuzlocke. You can only catch one per route.

If you went to Rusturf Tunnel first and found Whismur, then find a Whismur in Route 116, you can implement a "dupes clause", which means that if you have already caught that Pokemon before, you can catch a new one, usually up to 3 tries. That's basically the only way you could get out of the dilemma, but its too late.

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Thanks ill release the whismur and hope to get a nincada
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One of the main points of a Nuzlocke is that you can customize the rules. Based off your rules though that would be breaking the rules because "you can only catch the first Pokemon you find per area" with would be whismur witch you caught. But because of your no duplicate rule, you cannot catch another whismur in the cave even if you release it.
source: Bulbapedia and experience
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