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Is the sequel Emerald?


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A few reasons why they didn't release them in Gen 5.

  • Gen 5 came on the tail-end of the the DS' life. Nintendo are moving all the major series like Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, etc. to the 3DS. Since the 3DS has been released, it'd be rather silly to release a Pokemon game for the DS in 2013.
  • The reason they remade Gen I and II games is because there was a substantial increase in the quality of the games and the technology used to play the games between Gen I and II and Gen III and IV. Since Gen III and V both use 2D graphics, use a very similar gameplay format and the quality of the sound isn't as lacking as it was in Red and Blue compared to Ruby and Sapphire, there wasn't much of a reason to spend money of creating a remake in those games when they could spend time making a 3DS Pokemon game (which they've probably been working on for a long time before X and Y were actually revealed). However, with 3D graphics coming in and more lively gameplay than the sprite art we've lived with for so long, things definitely seem to be looking up for a remake in Gen VI.
  • One of the reasons remakes were made for Red, Blue, Gold and Silver is that many of the Pokemon in those games were unobtainable in Gen III and IV due to the fact that Pokemon cannot migrate from the old games to the new ones. So to remedy this, they made games where these Pokemon were accessible and it would be possible to trade to the other games (eg. FireRed and LeafGreen were made so Pokemon from Kanto and Johto were available in Ruby and Sapphire). Since we can migrate Pokemon from Gen 3 to 5, this was much less of an issue, this meaning one of the main reasons why a remake should be made was lost. This is another thing that may mean that Gen 6 won't bring us those remakes; we've recently got information on how to bring Gen 5 Pokemon to Gen 6, meaning Pokemon from Hoenn can able to travel to Kalos.

Fans are literally demanding remakes for these games, and with all these new mechanics, there is still some hope we'll get those remakes someday. No guarantees though.

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Well, if you mean a remake then the reason is because they didn't want to have 6 gen-5 games. They might make some in gen-6 but we don't know.

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The Gen III remake is a very controversial topic.

Many believe it will not be created, and many believe it will be - all for varied and respectable reasons. The main reason of why Gen I and Gen II were recreated was so you can have access to those games, and trade with them, since it wasn't possible due to the non-connectivity between the Game Boy Colour and the Game Boy Advance. Since now all five regions can join in the fun, it would be redundant to make a remake.

However, another theory is because of the poor quality of Gen I and Gen II, and now by comparison, Gen III. The DS's effects to the Pokemon series impacted Gen IV, with the psuedo-3D effects to the game. Now, with the Gen VI's 3D effects, if this is the case then expect a Gen IV remake.

The reason, really, is unknown since Game Freak hasn't confirmed anything at all.
So, just pray it will come. (Lol. xD)

Hope I helped. :)