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If you are referring to the PokeDex entries on Haunter stealing your life away with a lick from it's tongue, that will never happen in the Anime.

Though the idea of death is present in Pokemon, I doubt they will ever let a Pokemon die, let alone one of the main character's.

It's all hype like Garchomp flying.

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Pokemon die eventually.
(Lavendar Town)
"Though the idea of death is present in Pokemon"

I know that Pokemon die, what I am saying is that they will not have them die on screen, it will always happen off screen, like a old woman at her Pokemon's grave who died years ago. We now it died, but we don't see it.
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Firstly, by 'die' I assume you mean faint. This is the Pokemon anime after all. Lick is a very weak attack (only 20 base power), so not many things will faint after one Lick. It might have been paralysed however. Either that or it became so afraid it couldn't go on. Aside from that it is the anime. Things in the anime often don't make sense.

It's the Pokedex entry for Haunter. It states that when licked by Haunter, the victim will violently shake until the victim dies.
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