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Like, why is Psychic super effective to Poison? I'm a bit confused. Can someone give me a reasonable explanation to all the types of super effectiveness, not very effectiveness, immunities and neutral effectiveness among the types? Thanks in advance.

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You could say that water is weak to grass types mainly because plants use water as one of their "Ingredients" in making their "Food" as water is one of the components that activates the Photosynthesis. I would say the reason that it isn't so effective against it is because Water is the lifesource to most plants and hitting grass with water doesn't seem like anything malevolent

I would personally think that it's weakness to Electric has something to do with the fact of how dangerous it is to bring water in contact with electricity for when this happens the water will not only evaporate but electricity will notably be the most dangerous component in this reaction

I think that it resists Ice mainly because Ice is just the stable form of water and is therefore part of it

I believe that it resists itself because when water comes together, it just becomes larger meaning that it has no negative affect should it be hit b water


It's Fire weakness seems a little obvious to me mainly because Fire destrs a lot but nothing is scorched as badly as plants are by Fire. It causes ForestFires and travels extremely fast when it comes in contact with plants or leaves burning an entire area in just a pace of a few seconds

I believe that it's bug weakness comes from the fact of how many insect do not only feed if them but can fatally damage them to the extent that Leafless are even killed intentionallly due to how drastically they damage plants

I would say that it's Ice weakness can easily be compared to how Trees let their leaves fall during the Winter. When the leaves get detached, they have no food and freeze or dry out.
Mr.K: Frost Bite often kills smaller plants in fall

I have always believed that it's flying weakness had something to do with the fact that birds tend to pluck leaves or break of branches to make their nest

It's poison weakness really speaks for itself as one of the easiest ways to kill a plant is to intoxicate it

Since water and ground/earth are the one of the basic components that a plants needs to start it's life, it seems only logic that it will not be hit superffectively by it but rather resist it

Plants is general seem to rival a lot with each other, however grasses are pretty much siblings as they literary clone themselves until there is a whole field of grass. With this natural bond I could only think that it is clear why grass resists grass


Fire's weakness to Water seems obvious as well as you can easily dim out Fire with some Water

It's weakness to Ground acts in the same position as Water as a recommended way to put of Fire is to waist some sand on it

Like the 2 above it's weakness to Rock acts in a similar manner however a little differently. Rocks are also a way of dimming Fire but they also have the capability of sealing it as there is almost no better way to seal away Fire then putting underground or compressed by Rocks

Fire makes more fire so fire+fire doesn't seem to be anything malicious so I do believe that it is for this reason that they resists each other

Water and Fire are known to be long life rivals and when they both colide, it is the fire that will be quenched and the water that will evaporate so I do think that it is clearer why fire is not very effective against water

Like I mention below, rocks and stones are one of the best places to seal away fire. To accomplish this Rock must be able to resist the devastating heat of Fire

Fire can be seen as a form of powerful magic and an elemental type. Dragons are known to be impervious to any kind of magic so although Fire is a powerful form of magic, it is repelled by the Dragons


Electric's weakness to ground can be associated with the fact that electricity is nullified the moment it touches the ground as it tends to seek the fastest way to the ground

Electric works in a similar manner to fire. Electricity+more Electricity is only dangerous to us, but forms nothing bad for this powerful Force of Nature

Like Fire again Electricity can be seen as a more advanced manner of magic. Advanced or not, magic stays magic and Dragons laugh in the face of magic

Believe it or not, it has been researched and engineers have found a form of electricity in plants

Stanford engineers have generated electrical current by tapping into
the electron activity in individual algae cells. Photosynthesis
excites electrons, which can then be turned into an electrical current
using a specially designed gold electrode. This study could be the
first step toward carbon-free electricity directly from plants.

Seeing as this has no negative affect on plants, I do think this plays a role in why electric attacks are weak to grass


In mythology there was no magic greater then that of dragon so it would seem only logic that only it is mostly rivaled by it's equal superiority.

Brotad: dragons, who are typically reptilian, there could be a biological reason for their ice weakness. Reptiles are cold-blooded, and are dependent on heat from their environment. So they sunbathe frequently and are attracted to hot areas. In colder conditions, they become sluggish, and can even die. As such, dragons take little from the heat of fire but live in terror of the deadly ice.

Dragon types are resistant to every form of the primordial elemental forces: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric. Not only are these the first elements but they are also the basic forms of magic. Like you may have guessed, dragons take magic like bosses


Like Slashy said before me I would say the most logic explanation would be that Fire melts Ice like a boss nothing more to say :P

I would say that it's fighting weakness can be brought to you by the clear fact of how easy it is to evolve Ice from order to disorder with just a twist of a hand

Rocks are very destructive and can easily make quick work of anything that is very breakable. Should a rock fall on a piece of Ice, it would surely break into many pieces.

I believe that it resist only itself since everything can easily damage Ice and or possible melt or decompose it


It's fighting weakness seems very obvious in my opinion mainly because rocks are relatively breakable and since most fighting types are humanoids(The most destructive and deadliest creature amongst all living beings) it seems to speak for itself

It's grass weakness seemed a little harder to figure out but I finally got through. If you were to plant a seed in a rock and if that seed was to be able to get all the needed resources to grow, the Rock would break mainly because the seed will not only drain out all the water but it's roots will grow out of it

I would associate it's water weakness with the fact of how it is really a double-edged sword. Although water plays a large role in the anatomy of a rock, it can be the source of it's destruction almost 80% of the time

I should say that it's ground weakness should come from the simple fact of bashing a rock against the ground...it will break somehow


I would say that it's weakness against water has a strong relationship with the fact of how water distorts it's original molecular structure turning into a muddy and when dry hard component often making it easier to break

I will associate it's grass weakness with the fact that plants act as little parasites at times as they suck every form of aquatic/mineral presence in the earth like a boss. When this is done too often and there is a low balance of occasional rain and drought, the ground will become barren.

I would say that it's weakness is for the simple fact that when Snow is present, the ground is overtaken, doesn't become visible and will stop any form of life growing out of it(with some exceptions)

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Also, for dragons, who are typically reptilian, there could be a biological reason for their ice weakness. Reptiles are cold-blooded, and are dependent on heat from their enviroment. So they sunbathe frequently and are attracted to hot areas. In colder conditions, they become sluggish, and can even die. As such, dragons take little from the heat of fire but live in terror of the deadly ice.
Ice gets melted by fire, becomes water which quenches fire. Therefore Ice should beat Fire.

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I will easily associate the psychic weakness with the simple fact of how the easiest way to cure poison is by Thinking of a remedy which is done almost 75% of the time

I would say that it's ground weakness has to do with(brace yourself here comes the weirdest thing you have ever heard)
When white sand reaches a certain temperature it becomes glass. Cures and medicines are most often found in a glass bottle. I know this one sucks but I couldn't think of anything it is 3:32 AM, what did you expect :P


It's Ice weakness will I associate with Slash's theory which sounds most logic to me. You will not be going far with frozen wings. Also birds don't fly that high in the sky mainly because the temperature is too low and the pressure in the air is too strong

It's electric type weakness is to associate with how birds are greatly threatened in a storm. (the reason they oftdn flee before it's starts). Lightning will always hit everything that can lead it to the ground in the fastest possible way. Seeing as a bird is often seen in the sky a lightningbolt is the most threatening thing that could happen to a bird as it is most likely killed by one hit

Birds are very frail creatures and seeing as rocks are very heavy on stiff, it will ofyen cripple or fatally wound a bird should it be flying as it will break tnat fragile spinecord in a matter of seconds


I will easily connect it's Fire weakness with the fact of how weak bugs are to Fire. During ForestFires bugs are the largest amount of victims

I believe that it's flying weakness speaks for itself. Most birds tend to be insectivorous. Insect stand no chance against birds.

It's rock weakness also looks pretty obvious. Accidently drop a rock on a bug an squash....there goes a poor soldier


I would say that it's bug weakness would have something to do with the fact how bugs can be a very annoying presence when you are trying to become one with your mind and will often distract you

I would say that It's dark weakness comes from how dark thoughts are not healthy for the mind and will often prohibit you from connecting with your mind in the right way

I believe that it's ghost weaknes works in a similar way to the dark type. Ghost are also quite a traumatising figure to keep in mind and will often lead to mental sicknesses in some serious cases


I will say that it's fire weakness speaks for itself. Fire is one of the few elements that ca decompose metal in the form of melting it

It's fighting weakness also seems a little obvious to me in the sense that it is very possible to not only bend but also break metal with your hands

It's ground weakness is the hardest to explain in my opinion, however I would say that until people found the archaic form of metal in the ground, the earth kept it hidden for many years keeping it in a weaker and more vulnerable state


People can easily be compared to fighting types. Mankind have always told themse: "Stupd Birds! Why can you fly whiles we can't!". This trauma of not being able to fly without a device made many people feel less worthy then......a bird.

It's psychic weakness will I associate with how knowledge beats every form of violence and aggression. As one that fights over issuesis rather stupid compared to one that thinks before he acts.


Dark types are seen to be rather sinister and very sly on mostly seen to be active in the mind. However what is more annoying when you are forming a devious plan then a bug flying around your face......nothing. For this reason bugs are most likely the bane to everything that uses an inch of intelligence existence as their ability to distract lving beings is impressively annoying

Dark thoughts can easily lead to the growth of an inner aggresion that will slowly grow to overpower you so I do think that it surely plays a role as a cause of it being a weakness


Seeing as nothing barring it's kind can touch it, it seems to speak for itself wny ghost type are weak to themselves
Jojo: What can hit a supernatural being better then another supernatural being?

Bad and dark deeds during a lifespan are believed to make the afterlife bitter. So I would associate this belief with the possible reason why ghost types are weak to dark types even after being so similar


Like Solumni said, normal types can be compared to mankind in general. Together we stand firm but our downfall is when we start attacking, killing and seeing our fellow humanbeings as our enemy

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i would like to add something to Psychic, every Psychic weakness is a common human fear (alot of people are afraid of the Dark, of Ghosts and of Bugs [cockroaches, moquistoes etc.])
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I really don't feel like explaining why some types are nuetral against each other, or resistance, it's late.. I'll just cover immunities and Super Effective.

Grass vs Rock: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/146474/why-would-grass-types-be-effective-against-rock-types
Grass vs Ground: I don't think this even needs an explanation. Ground is made of crushed rock, and grass absorbs nutrients from it.
Grass vs Water: grass absorbs it.
Grass vs Ice: Frostbite, like Master Kijani said.

Rock vs Fire: Try throwing a stone in a campfire sometime. It smothers the fire slightly.
Rock vs Flying: You can shoot down birds with a slingshot, can't you? (cough, Kill two birds with one stone, cough)
Rock vs Bug: You can squash a bug with a rock.

Flying vs Grass: Perhaps because birds pluck grass to make their nests?

Ice vs Flying: Bird's can't flying when their wings are frozen.

Electric vs Flying: A bird will not appreciate getting hit by lightning.
Electric vs Water: Water conducts Electricity.
Electric vs Ground: Ground absorbs electricity.

Poison vs Psychic: Perhaps the will of the mind is more powerful than a mortal poison?
Poison vs Grass: Weedkiller.

Psychic vs Dark: The mind has fears.
Psychic vs Bug: Some people fear bugs. (cough, Misty and Starmie, part-psychic, cough)

Dark vs Ghost: IDK, stronger power?
Ghost vs Ghost: How else to fight a Ghost than with another, so their powers are matched?

Normal vs Ghost: You can't hit a Ghost.

Fighting vs Ghost: See above.

Ice vs Dragon: Hm... Perhaps it's tied in with Japanese and Chinese Dragon lore.

Fire vs Ice: Melts the Ice.
Rock vs Ice: Shatters the ice.
Ice vs Ground: Freezes the ground.

Ground vs Flying: An earthquake can't affect something not on the ground..

Steel vs Fighting: Some masters can break metal with a chop. 0.0
Rock vs Fighting: Some masters can break rock with a chop. 0.0

Steel vs Ice: Cuts the ice.
Steel vs Fire: Metal gets melted.
Steel vs Rock: Steel is stronger than rock, and can cut it.
Steel vs Ground: Steel can be eroded, or turned to rust.

Fairy vs Dragon: Still confusing, but my theory is that this is not your Disney Fairy. Old Faeries of legend were powerful, evil, and corrupt. Perhaps there is folklore about them defeating Dragons.

I may have missed some, but did that help?

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