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Another Pokemon requirement?

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  1. Must have good Defense and Sp. Defense

  2. An okay atk/sp atk

  3. Able to catch in-Game (B2/W2)

  4. Less than 3 weakness

  5. Can setup spikes

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Would help if you put the game.
Forgot to add some things

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oh, in this case ferrothorn is the answer by far
It is extremely bulky and meets with all your requirements

  • Base 94 Atk stat
  • Base 131 Defense Stat
  • Base 116 SpD stat

It can be caught as a Ferroseed in Chargestone Cave. It can set up both Stealth Rocks and Spikes and only has 2 weaknesses which are to Fire and Fighting

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I would recommend Relaxed/Sassy Nature
And if you would like a moveset then I recommend

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Trait: Iron Barbs
(EVs: 252 HP / 48 Def / 208 SpD)
Relaxed Nature
Preferable 0 Ivs in Spe
- Spikes
- Leech Seed
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball

Because I can only guess that you are planning to use it for competitive battling seeing as you are planning to run spikes
Thanks now Im one step closer to my master plan
Good luck with it :)