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I know I should find it on Mt Pyre, but is there a special requirement that I must meet before it gets available?
Do I need to beat the E4 or do I just need to look harder?

Eventually, I'm looking for one with a Jolly nature and (possibly, but that's not a requirement) Intimidate as ability.
If any of you have a spare one that is yet to be EVs trained and would be so nice to trade it with me with a filler 'mon, just add your friend code on my wall or just say so in the answer!
I could trade you my code is 4742 - 6774 - 8652 but I don't know if I have a jolly one
Safari Zone is also a good option
@ZoroARKergrowlihe isn't in safari zone

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Use DexNav and run around for a bit in area 5, 6, and 7 then it should eventually pop up but it could take a while since it is the rarest one for DexNav in those areas (it took me around 2 hours)

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Try using the DexNav outside or at the summit at Mt. Pyre.