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So I have Alpha Sapphire and I hate the Hidden Machines. Which ones are absolutely 100% necessary to complete the game, and what HM Slave can I use? Do I need Fly, or can I just use the Soar feature? Etc etc.


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Linoone can learn Rock Smash, Surf, Strength and Cut.Give it pickup for free crap
I know that, but which hms are necessary to complete the game (i.e. You can't complete it without using them)

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You need Rock smash to get through Rustboro tunnel and route 111, Strength to get through victory road, Surf to get across many routes, Waterfall to get to the league, and Dive to get to Sootopolis. Fly is completely optional, as usual, but you won’t have access to the soaring feature until after the 8th gym. Cut also isn’t needed to progress in the game. It only opens a few new areas.

Don’t keep rock smash or cut through the entire game. You only need them a few times at the beginning of the game. Teach those to a slave and keep it in the pc. Latias and Swampert can learn all the HMs you’ll need, if you use those. Sharpedo is another good one if you don’t have a water type.

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While many may think Rusturf Tunnel is a completely optional part of the game, you need it for Strength.

Oh, and Ed, you can always delete your HMs later once you reach Lilycove City.

But do consider using Waterfall and Surf - they're actually viably strong moves.
Rock smash isn't required in Victory Road?
When I've opened Rustboro Tunnel up for the first time, will it stay open? Or do I need to SMASH ROCKS every time I go through?
No, once you smash the rocks in Rusturf Tunnel once, they’re gone forever.
Also, you need Rock Smash to get to the other half of Route 111.
If you are really skilled Flash is useless.
There are websites that tell you how to get through areas where flash is "needed"