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For Lombre

I found the blue shard on route 124 near to a double battle trainers. Hope it helps. :D

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Route 124
Give the treasure hunter a blue shard and he'll give you a Water Stone

It does also seem you can get one by Super Training here
You can get a WateStone by doing the Secret Super Training (The Water Stone Cup Begins) However this is for XY.
So I'm not sure if it will apply for ORAS.

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Only there?
As far as I am aware yes.
Although I think you can one by Super Training but I'll have to double check
where is the treasure hunter?
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there is one underwater on route 126. go to your AreaNav and surf until your face is directly above Sootoplis City. You should see a a swimmer around the dark areas where you're going to dive. Once you dive, head west until you see a small light square for you to head back up. Do not go to the surface. From the top right corner of that light square, travel upward and continuously hit A until you find the blue shard. (That's how I found it) There's no implication of an item being there, so swim around and keep pressing A. Good luck :)

OMG thank you so much it worked. This is 100 percent right.
Thank you so much! This helped me out so much! I spent a about an hour trying to find a guide online and none of them where  helpful bar your guide! Thanks again.
How long did it take you to find one? I've been looking for nearly 5mins and still nothing.
Thank you it took a little bit to find but now I have ludicolo