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If you can Dawn Stones in Alpha Sapphire, where can I find them? I want to evolve my Kirlia into Gallade. Please help me! Thanks! :)

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Yes,you can find dawn stone.

All you have to do is defeat Wally in victory road and he will give it to you.You can also get from secret pal in secret bases

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Can you also get it in super training?
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Yes, they can be found at Victory Road (Defeat Wally), Sea Mauville, via Super Training and from Secret Pal in Secret Base

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Thanks! At least I don't have to wait THAT long to evolve it
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Yes, defeat Wally in Victory Road when you get to the Flower Patch, and after the battle you'll receive a Dawn Stone by him, the other way which might bore you is Secret Pal, Sea Mauville, Super Training, but if you already have Surf you can surf all the way down to Sea Mauville.

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Since I'm not at Victory Road, I'll aim to get surf and go to Sea Mauville.
Where in Sea Mauville is it found?