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I've played through Omega Ruby but now I'm playing through Alpha Sapphire but I wanted a Camerupt on my team but I think it's just Omega Ruby you can get Camerupt in. Is he obtainable in Alpha Sapphire or would I have to trade from Omega Ruby?

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You can get Numel in Alpha Sapphire.

You can get it on route 112.


Side Question : What made you think Numel is not there in Alpha Sapphire?

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OP probably thought that because Camerupt is Team Magma's flagship Pokemon.
I don't know why but I thought that since you got the cameruptite given to you in Omega Ruby, I thought the Sharpedonite was given to you in Alpha Sapphire and that Sharpedo was exclusive to AS and Camerupt exclusive to OR. Anyway, thanks for answering :)
But you can get  cameruptite in alpha sapphire in battle resort(first time entering).Thanks for giving me a vote :) if you did.
Oh didn't know that and yes I gave you a vote :)
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You can catch Numel in AS at the following areas:
- Route 112
- Fiery Path
- Jagged Pass

Pokemondb.net's Numel Location section.

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Thanks :)