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Once I transfer my other Pokémon from Pokémon X, such as Treecko, I was wondering if you can get the other starters (Mudkip and Treecko) mega stones in Alpha Sapphire? Please help! Thank you! :)

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Yes, you can.

If you go to the Stone Shop on Route 114, the starter Mega Stones are available for 1500 each.


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Thank you! It really helped!
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Yes , you can get.

There is a stone sales men in route 114. See the beginning of this video to see where is the sales men in route 144.

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Yes you can go fly to route 114 and this old guy to the right who is sitting will sell you the mega stones but the stones have a different name. Once you buy them it will show the mega stone.
I do not know the names but they all do with fire, grass and water and the price is 1500P as in poke dollars.

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