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I was wondering since I want to get a Roserade but first a need a Shiny stone to evolve my Roselia. If I can find one, where can I? Please help me! Thank you! :)

PS: If there are any other elemental stones (ex. moon stone or fire stone) you can find Alpha Sapphire, if you can please try to include them as well! Again thanks and sorry for causing you trouble.


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You can get s Shiny Stone in Route 121, Mt. Pyre , Super Training and from a Secret Pal in Secret Base

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Other Stones

Thunder/Fire/Water Stone : You have to go underwater and find colored shards. Yellow will give you Thunder , Blue shards will give you Water and Red will give you Fire

Fire Stone : Route 123 and Fiery Path
Leaf Stone :Route 119 and Route 124
Dawn Stone: Defeat Wally on Victory Road and he will give you a Dawn Stone
Dusk Stone: The Aeigislash Balloon (Super Training)
Moon Stone : Meteor Falls
Sun Stone : Mossdeep City
Oval Stone : Wild Happiny in Mirage Forest have a 5% chance of holding one

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