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I gave my shelgon exp share cuz it has bad moves right now and its lv 33 whats a good way to train him fast exept the pokemon League if there is please help me cuz its not leveling up !!!


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Rematching gym leaders is a great way to get EXP. since he's pretty underleveled, you might want to use an EXP share, or use a really strong pokemon. Battling Red will also get you lots of EXP. If you have the item Lucky EGG, that will give you 1.5 more EXP. Mt. Silver is a good place to train due to the powerful wild pokemon. Trading Shelgon will also make him level up faster, because traded pokemon yield more EXP. After training him, you can just bring him back to your main game.

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What I do is put weak pokemon in front so it goes first then I switch out for a stronger one and they both get experience. Caution: this trick will not work with Pursuit so beware high-level Spearows and Fearows and any other pokemon that can know Pursuit.