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Making a new Rain team, want to know what some counters are.

EDIT: To clarify, I'm asking for certain Pokemon.

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- rain team sun counter; Flash Fire absorber, Grass and Bug resistance, phaser (Roar), immunity to Will-O-Wisp and Toxic.

Rotom-C and Celebi
- rain team sand counter; Leaf Storm STAB will be able to OHKO Hippowdon for eliminating sand, but not T-Tar because of Sp. Def boost. Rotom-C is much less predictable than Celebi is (because no one uses Rotom-C in OU except weirdos like me).

- rain team sand counter and sweeper; Choice Specs, Surf, Secret Sword, Icy Wind, HP Ghost. End of story.

- surprisingly good T-Tar counter; Serene Grace + Iron Head will have 60% flinch chance but is also super effective against Rock. Jirachi can carry Thunder, T-Wave or Body Slam for paraflinching, set up Substitute in Sand (no buffeting) or run a Trick set.

Gastrodon (I'll add a sand rain counter so you know what you need to deal with)
- sand team rain counter; Storm Drain, Recover stall, good bulk and typing (one weakness), decent offensive presence.

- T-Tar, Ninetales, Volcarona counter; Choice Scarf, Close Combat, X-Scissor, Earthquake, Stone Edge
(meme stolen from one of Mew's teams)
(but watch out for Gliscor and Skarmory)

Your main goal when facing another team is to eliminate the weather starter while keeping yours still in the game. If you can eliminate Sun/ Sand, the weather boosts will be gone and you can sweep in rain.

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Here's some generic crud c:
I don't think any Pokemon on a sand team like a STAB Hydro Pump or Focus Blast in the face from standard Specs Politoed (Bai T-tar :3), and alot of Sun Team threats don't like it either, even if they're in the sun. Also Ice Beam kills Venusaur and stuff if you predict it so :3. Who needs to counter when you can win the Weather War >:D
Heatran is a pretty good counter to alot of Pokemon on Sun Teams - the generic Venusaur, Volcarona and similar can't do flip to it.
Defensive Rotom-W lolz at alot of Sand Teams, Will-o-wisp cripples and then it can sit there forever... maybe. I think c:
Dragonite beats sun, Quagsire can beat sand, and Pokemon like Ferro/Jirachi in rain can wall the heck out of both c:

OK, thanks, I'll consider using those. :)
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Water type moves and ground type moves
Come on Jar, think :P

I'm asking for certain Pokemon...