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I've decided to make my Samurott a mixed attacker.It has water and ice type attacks but I also want to include moves like megahorn and aqua jet in it's moveset.Please suggest a mixed EV spread for samurott.


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Well, depending on the moves in the set you're running the EVs would vary. If you're for example, running 3 Special Moves (EG. Hydro Pump, HP Grass, Ice Beam) and 1 physical (Megahorn), just slap all the EVs in something like 4 Atk/252 SpA/ 252 Spe with Mild/Rash Nature
Since you're probably running a set like Hydro Pump/ Ice Beam/ Megahorn/ Aqua Jet right now... Obviously, your most powerful moves are in the form of special attacks, so maybe something like 64 Atk/ 252 SpA/ 192 Spe with Mild/Rash Nature.

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Thanks.I'll try it out.