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My Pokemon and levels are Zoroark 51, thundurus 55, samurott 49, lucario 66, emboar 44, and cobalion 47, and what would be their best moves

Sweet thanks but when will Zoroark learn night daze? Or will I near to teach it with a tm?
Zoroark learns Night Daze at Level 64.So it would be better to give it Dark Pulse.
okay cool i got him to 65 so he knows it now and i have got most of my pokemon to 65 now do you think they are strong enough to make it threw safely?
The Elite Four's levels are 56-58 so you should be okay.

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Sorry if this is a little late.
Zoroark:Nasty Plot,Night Daze/Dark Pulse,Flamethrower,Grass Knot
Thundurus:Nasty Plot,Thunderbolt,Flash Cannon(covers rock and ice),Focus blast(covers steel)
Samurott:Surf,Ice Beam,Megahorn,Superpower
Lucario:Swords Dance,Close Combat,Extreme speed,Ice Punch/Shadow Claw
Emboar:Flare Blitz,Earthquake,Hammer Arm,Wild Charge
Cobalion:Swords dance,Sacred Sword(Close Combat is only at level 73!),Iron Head,Stone Edge/Rock Slide
You could give Lucky Egg and train by killing Audinos in the rustling grass(they provide lots of exp).They can be found on most of the routes.Hope I helped.

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Zoroark's moves: nightdaze shadow claw focus blast foul play
Thundurus: thunderbolt swagger nasty plot fly
Samurott: surf megahorn waterfall ice beam
Lucario: aura sphere close combat extremespeed dragon pulse
Emboar: flamethrower heat crash attract flare blitz
Cobalion: sacred sword swords dance iron head close combat

The best place to train them is at victory road.

Flamethrower > Shadow Claw