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I am trying to figure out this equation for catch rate I am a strate A student in math but I still can't understand it Chance = Ball (((TotalHP x 4 - CurrentHP x 2) x CatchRate)/ TotalHP)+Status +1

i am trying to catch latias I am useing the love ball it is down to one hit point and is paralyzed

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You won't be able to catch Latias using a Love Ball. The Love Ball increases chances 8 times, but only if your pokemon is the same as the opponent but opposite gender. In other words, you need to be using a male Latias which doesn't exist! I don't think using a Latios will work.

Anyway I wouldn't worry about the exact formula. Just know what the balls do. I find the Dusk Ball is the best since you get 4x catch rate in caves or at night (that's when I play the game mostly anyway).

Also, sleep and freeze are better than other status conditions, they get 2x catch rate but paralyze, poison and burn are only 1.5.

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actually according to a website it is just the opposite gender