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I have made my Flygon on the lvl100 by using Exp. Share as an item and played in Elite League then played in sport-arenas and played with Flygon itself in Elite League 'cause it's strong enough, have I lost my chance of getting EVs (I have made this almost with all of my lvl100 Pokemon, I have 46 of them)?I don't even understand all of that EVs stuff, so I need little explanation. Thanks, in advance!:)

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Yes, in Gen V you can still gain EVs at level 100 despite not levelling up any more.

Smogon article - BW EV training

You can see a level 100 Pokemon gain EVs because every 4 EVs you gain in one stat you will be able to see the stat itself go up by one point.

I suggest you read that article since it will explain most things about EV training.

Note: since your Flygon has been used to battle random trainers, it will have EVs all over the place already. If you want to correctly EV train it, you will need to reset its EVs with 6 specific berries (ones which you can buy a random 5 a day from the PKMN breeder on Route 5 in B2W2 and form the florist in Join Avenue if the Florist is at Rank 10). The same goes for any other Pokemon you've battled randomly before specifically EV training them.

However, there is a simpler and more understandable guide on this website: EV training, which will be a good starting point before you go onto the Smogon article.

Thanks, a lot:) So, do I have maximum amount of EVs now 'cause it's on lvl100 and those EVs are based on all of the stats 'cause I played in Elite League???
And should I reset its EVs cause I really don't need Sp. Atk stat for it?
It's mist likely gonna have full EVs, but it's gonna be close to full either way. If ya wanna reset 'em then might as well go all the way.

And if you dont need SpAtk on it then feel free to reset that or all the stats.
I would reset every stat. You need about 11 of each of the 6 types of berries to reset the EVs to 0. Then EV train Flygon 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP.

Your Flygon most likely has 510 EVs right now due to random battles.
Ok, ty both:)