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his other moves are: dragon rage(not definitive) ice fang, aqua tail/surf, thunder (temporaly) (ingame)

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Neither. Waterfall is best, just for the accuracy. If you don't have the HM yet, Aqua Tail. And if you don't have anything else that can learn Surf in game and you need it to get places, I would replace Thunder with Surf.

Gyarados has a much higher attack than sp. atk, so a physical move would do better. Unless this is Gen III and before, where all Water moves were special.

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its for ingame and im just after beating cyrus first battle so im asking for ingame to use
it doesn't matter - Waterfall is still better, or failing that Aqua Tail.
What I said still stands. Use Aqua Tail, and if you don't have anything else that can Surf, replace Thunder with Surf.
Thunder is useless on Gyarados. No STAB, bad accuracy and Gyarados has very low sp. atk. Get an Electric type and give it Thunderbolt instead.
im have to wait for electrivire ill instead use HM slave (bibarel) to learn surf