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So I actually took the time on here to check out stats and have found that I have been using many different Pokemon the wrong way as far as my battling styles. I have actually decided to post this question so I could see which one of my usual walls are actually the best for in game. Some will maybe not make much sense because again I have recently found out that I have been using so many of my main team members the wrong way. So who would be the best wall in game between these Pokemon(While holding no items):
1) Snorlax
2) Golem
3) Aggron
4) Exploud
5) Ursaring
6) Wailord
7) Hariyama
8) Steelix

Thank you again guys!

None of these are walls. Mainly tanks. Which is good since walling is rather pointless ingame.
What game?
trachy: Really? Wow I am a little embarrassed now hearing that. What are good walls then for SS & HG? And out of the list which would be most effective to use in game?

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Like trachy said, most of these Pokemon are Tanks. But Steelix is the closest thing to a Wall you listed here.

Steelix is a very Sturdy Pokemon (Get it? :D). It has a sky high Base 200 Defense Stat, one of the very highest in the game, and a decent Base 75 HP. This allows it to take Physical hits amazingly easy. Steelix's Typing is another strong point, giving it lots of resistances and two immunities. Another good thing about Stelix is that it has Sturdy to hang on to any hit, which can prove very useful. However it's Special Bulk is a bit of a let down, with only a Base 65 Special Defense. But Steelix is still a very good wall, and should be your first choice out of those Pokemon.

But if you are open to other Pokemon, good options are Forretress, Umbreon, Blissey, Chansey, Skarmory, and many, many more.

True being steel type does help a lot as far as it being a wall. I just feel like Steelix does not have many uses personally. I would rather take a chance for a weaker wall in case its a bad situation and I need to actually use my wall to deal some damage. If that was the case would Steelix still be able to perform in a situation like that?
Steelix can deal decent damage. Base 85 attack is not bad.
I get it, +1! :D
Lol gj :D
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Good walls in ss and hg are:
Physical: steelix, forretress, cloyster, shuckle, and umbreon.
Special:tentacruel, blissey, shuckle, probopass, and umbreon.

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cloyster can wall?
Physically yes