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I know nobody knows what they are thinking so I am wondering if it was ever discussed in and interview or anything like that

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Considering the show wasn't near as popular then, I doubt it.
there is no way of knowing how popular the show was in japan
Besides most areas online saying that even now the show isn't popular in Japan. Could be a possibility, but more likely a coincidence that not.
you could call it a coincidence, but if you think about how team plasma was trying to destroy the universe, and Looker (which is not his real name) was there to stop them then there is no way to deny that he is The Doctor

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bulbapedia says the design is likely inspired by Koichi Zenigata from Lupin III

As Lupin III is far more popular in Japan, Looker and the Doctor wear completely different jackets, and the fact that Koichi is actually a detective, I'd have to agree with Bulba on this.