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I decided to do a Monotype challenge and am only using bug type Pokemon. I haven't had too many problems in the past but when I go to fight Clair I just get wrecked. Does anyone have any suggestions other than power leveling one of my Pokemon?

Team is:
Heracross lvl 33
Foretress lvl 32
Scizor lvl 32
Butterfree lvl 31
Ariados lvl 31
Parasect lvl 30

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What pokemon do you have? The early bug pokemon are weak, so see if you can get a Heracross, who is one of the strongest.

I would try and teach them some moves of different types. Any electric move would be good to take on Gyarados and Kingdra. Or try a Rock move, many Bugs should learn them and you get a few Rock TMs in the game.

Apart from that, yes you'll need to level up your pokemon a fair bit if you don't have any super-effective moves.

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I would train all of them up a few levels, and then teach it a tm. Thunder, dragen and rock are the best choices. Also try to put her pokemon to sleep with butterfree. If you do not have sleep powder the move tutor is in the same town. You can get a heart scale from the pokethalan.

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Train heracross bcoz at 37 level it will learn a move which can use in gym to win it

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Train Foretress! Dragon type moves are not very effective against steel types like Foretress. Scizor would be even better because he also has high attack. I could help you even more if you put in your pokemon's attacks.

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