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Hello there;

I have searched and didn't find anybody who asked this question. I got a Male Pikachu from the GTS and now, I'm seeking to have a Female one. My question:

Can I breed them to have the Pichu with Volt Tackle ? And is Light Ball mandatory ?

I'm sorry if this is stupid question :/

I thank in advance any help :)

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Yes the Light Ball is mandatory in order to get a Volt Tackle Pikachu. You'll have to ask if someone has a Light Ball because all/any event for the Light Ball in Gen V have passed. Or you can transfer from Gen IV and breed your Pikachu's there until you have what you want.

Source: Looked on Bulbapedia and knowledge on breeding Pokemon :P

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In order to get a Pikachu with Volt-Tackle you need a Light-Ball. It is mandatory. And you are unable to obtain a light-ball in White2/Black2 without hacking. So your best bet is to get a light-ball in a Gen IV game (i.e. Platinum) and breed your Pikachu's there and then transfer them to White2.

I don't have Platinum ... but thank you anyway. So I cannot. :(