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I have a lot of trouble beating dragons. A little help?

you're having trouble beating dragon types and asking for the most effective dragon type? Wouldn't a better question be something like, what is the most effective way to counter dragon types or something :L
No I want to know what the most effective dragon pokemon.
Is this including legendary dragon types?
Yes it does
I don't know much about all the dragon legendarys.

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Alright so I'm going to give an extremely wierd answer. Maybe c:
Anyway there is no 'most effective' dragon - each dragon is better in one area than another. For example, in the case of Salamence and Dragonite - Salamence has better offensive capabilities., so it's able to hit harder and faster from the start, but Dragonite's better bulk and access to Multiscale allow it to have a better chance of gathering boosts which allow it to sweep. You can even compare legendaries with non-legendaries - for example in the Uber tier, Palkia VS Kingdra. Palkia has higher offensive capabilities and a better movepool, but Kingdra's access to Swift Swim allow it to become well... quite overly powered, even with lower offenses.
Anyway here are some of the most notable;
Arceus-Dragon. Highest base stats out of all dragon types, so technically it would be 'the most effective'. All round 120 stats allow it to function in either offensive roles.
Kyurem-B/Kyurem-W - boasting the strongest Outrage and Draco Meteor respectively, both of these are powerhouses
Kingdra - while being outclassed in terms of stats, it's ability, Swift Swim, allows it to be played as a revenge killer even against the most powerful of dragons, including scarfed ones.
Any dragon that is fully evolved and is not called Altaria, Druddigon or Flygon. Those 3 are still good and all, but more for the lower tiers so yeah. All the others have their own unique qualities that gives it the potential to beat another.

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I would say haxorus because the Pokemon is based on its speed and attack.

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I assume you are not talking about legendary dragon types so I will talk about non-legendarys.

Salemence is a good option because it has a high Sp. Attack.

Garchomp has a decent speed and a large movepool.

Dragonite has large defences and can improve it's Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance.

Kingdra has only one weakness: dragon moves and can also use Dragon Dance. It has a small movepool so that makes it less effective. You could try to use Rain Dance to activate it's ability: Swift Swim which boosts it's speed.

But if you wanted to fight a dragon type, wouldn't ice be a better option?

Source: Looking at stats, Experience and The Internet.