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I have one personally, I think it's great imo but I understand there are way better options realistically.
I am just curious to what people think, should I even be using this smelly bag of garbage?


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Ingame? No one gives a flying flip. You can use a Magikarp if you want ingame, as long as you train it up to a high enough level, it'll still probably work. Welllll maybe not Magikarp, but it works fine for Garbodor.

Competitivewise? It's viable. It's placed in the NU (NeverUsed tier) where it functions as a decent hazard setter (Toxic Spikes/Spikes). True it faces stiff competition from the mighty Scolipede who boasts better offensive presence than Garbodor, but it's better bulk allows it to function more reliably. Also it's access to Pain Split allows it to have some form of recovery, albeit dependant on the opponent's health as well as yours. It's not the greatest Pokemon, but not too shabby either.

Theres so much hate on him though, I was seldom expecting an answer like this tbh.
Ty for the help, it's always appreciated :)
people only hate on him because they think his design is stupid. Personally I think he's way more original than Muk, so don't have a problem with him, but that is the main complaint about him (i think).