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So, I have this white 2...
I picked a starter and I battled with it...
It turned out that it didn't gain any experience at all, somethin' is obviously wrong..

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did you just restart or start the game?

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It's a known problem, and there are some causes. It's basically to stop pirated copies from selling.

This will happen if your game is:
1. ROM'd
2. Pirated
3. on a mass storage cartridge like R4

If it's ROM'd, Google for a exp. patch for White 2.
If it's pirated, get a real copy.
If it's on an R4 cartridge, bring it back to your seller & ask them for help.

Restarting the game can solve the problem, but it's not guaranteed.

If it's a genuine copy of W2, take it back to your retailer & ask for an exchange.

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Thanks that helped:)