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Is she just there for no reason?


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I think Maylene is there for no reason
In contrary to the previous answer, I cannot find anything which gives hard evidence that Maylene ever leaves the contest or anything. There are some random videos like this showing her battling you, but that is a hack. All bulbapedia says is;
>Maylene appears in HeartGold and SoulSilver in Celadon City's restaurant, having entered what appears to be an eating contest; piles of empty bowls surround her, amazing her onlookers. In addition, she will occasionally participate in the Pokéathlon's Supreme Cup in the Power Course with her Lucario, Meditite, and Machoke.

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You have to beat the elite four 30 times before she is out of the eatathon.

I know that's alot but that's how it goes sometimes

source? I can't find anything on that
That's not true.
Really, this method actually makes sense. You know, compared to other Game Freak theories.