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I went to route 14, and train my deino in the wild Pokemon. It is holding lucky egg but the exp is quite low. Any other area to train?

Rare candies :)

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Exp. Share in Small Court and Big Stadium. There's always a bunch of trainers with fairly easy high level Pokemon to take on.

Also you could try you hand at Morimoto and, if the game is Black 2/White 2, then Kouji Nishino as well.

Other high level trainers in Black/White:
Cheren (Once per day)
Bianca (Only in the Weekend)
Cynthia (During the Summer)

Black 2/White 2:
Alder (Floccesy Town)
N (Only once a season have to have talked to him on Friday in the Ferris Wheel)
Hugh (Once per day in old team plasma HQ)
Cynthia (During Summer again)
Colress (Plasma Frigate)
Cilan, Chili, and/or Cress (In the Striaton Cafe/Gym)
Shadow Triad (Once per season at the end of the bridge in Icirrus City)
Benga (In White Tree Hollow/Black City which also contains various high level trainers)

Depending if you have Black and/or White Biance and Cheren maybe re-battled once only through memory link.

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Hmmm personally I prefer to grind, trainers wild Pokemon with high levels (EV's to benefit too if I care) With the Lucky Egg. Try EXP. Share with the elite four, or any strong trainers basically, it'll become a Zweilous then it can take on anything really (not really) but you get what I mean, and if you are early in the game and dont have access to the Elite Four or strong trainers, you can always fight the trainers and swap out to another one.

Idk if I'm helping, I'm kinda crap at this stuff.

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Give a strong Pokémon a Lucky Egg, give your Deino an Exp. Share and go to Little Court, Big Stadium, the dark grassy area just before the Victory Road Gates, and Elite Four, and if you want to, the Champion.

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