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Okay, this will probably take a bit of time to get answered. Sorry KoD, JarJar and other point-greedy users. x3
Also, I'm sorry if you don't have Japanese character sets installed onto your computer, since this will have a bit of Japanese. :)

Well, I saw Serebii post this picture:
enter image description here
I am really having trouble translating this, however.
(I translated manually, I learnt Japanese)

What is the first word in the sentence? It says the word ひこう (pronounced 'hiko(u), as in the 'u' isn't said but it is written) , and I can't figure out what this says.

I'm not going to give you the incredibly hard job of translating this into the many forms of the word there is. (Seriously, don't bother helping me further by translating this. You will fail miserably, unless you know what you're doing. If you actually do know Japanese, feel free to help me)

By figuring this out, I want to ask this question. :D

If you don't want to read my problem's backstory, just skip here. xD
What does Cheren say to you that whole Xtransceiver session? Like, when you ring up Cheren on the Xtransciever in Black 2, he will say:
>Make sure you never run out of Poke Balls!
>You never know where you'll run into what Pokemon!
>You have to be ready and believe an opportunity will come your way!

When you select 'I'd like to talk'.

What option should you select in order for him to say:
>ひこう くさ でんき エスパー タイプの
>(hikou kusa denki esupaa taipu no)

And what else does he say?

I'm sorry if this is a little confusing, but I'll appreciate if you answer. :)
Please don't tell me what he says in English. I want to learn by translating him myself. :)

All help appreciated. :3

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translate gets it right sometimes. it needs a little Credit :3 even though it doesn't grammar its still super useful and doesn't always fail.
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Ok, I think I have found the answer.
First of all I must say that I did some research with my own Black 2 version and thus was testing the sentences Cheren says.
However I must also give credit to Google Translate mainly because it is thanks to a few tips it gave me that I was able to find the English Translation of what he is essentially saying in Japanese.
Google Translates translation was as following:

Esper type electric grass will Hiko

At first I didn't get anything it was saying but then I remembered that the psychic type is called Esper type in Japanese (エスパータイプ )

ひこう くさ でんき エスパー タイプ

and electric and grass were already given

(I will not go further then this seeing as you want to translate yourself :P)

So then I figured I had to go to the question:"Tell me about types"
So I just tested it on my Lucario and he then says the following sentences:

  • Which of your Pokemon's types should I explain?(Lucario)
  • A Fighting- and Steel type Pokemon...
  • This last sentence says what he says in English I shall not say it seeing as you want to translate yourself

So then I looked up a Pokemon that was weak to Psychic, Electric and Grass-type attacks using the Pokemondb type coverage checker

And I found 2 Pokemon that were weak to it; Poliwrath and Keldeo
However I do believe it was a Keldeo that was used mainly for the simple reason and fact that it was one of the main event Pokemon for Black 2 in which it made it's legal debut

So the whole point of this text was actually to tell you that in order for you to get him to say:

ひこう くさ でんき エスパー タイプの (hikou kusa denki esupaa taipu no)

You have to click: Tell me about types

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Okay, now I think I get it.
Just for the record, I knew Esper type was Japanese for Psychic. ;3
What does he actually say in the Japanese version though, in Japanese?