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So hard to figure out how to type Japanese into Google translate. It'd be much quicker to ask someone here.

What is the nickname of this Zubat? Does it translate to anything? The exclamation point was a red flag.


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I'm not 100% sure since I am not a Japanese speaker, but I think it translates to a name (Umatarou), so the nickname is just a regular name but yelled.

If someone detects this is wrong I'll hide my answer.

You're basically right; I'm not a native speaker, but the first Kanji writing of it that I could find was 馬太. I typed that in to Google and it came up as Matthew in Chinese... although this is Japanese, the two languages are strongly related so I imagine its some type of name. The characters by themselves mean 'horse' and 'big' respectively so it might be an insult of some sort?
For anyone who wants to do some searching, look up ウマタロウ, which is what is displayed in the screenshot. Also look up its hiragana form うまたろう and one of its possible kanji forms 馬太.