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A trainer said this after saying something like, "My joking is pretty terrible." Please don't question my curiosity.

He was some psychic in Emerald's Battle Frontier. I forgot his name, though.
Update: His name is Psychic Lukas.
If I recall correctly, aren't trainers in the Battle Frontiers dialogue just quasi-random words drawn from the easy chat system? So it's possible that maybe this has no real meaning at all?
Most of their dialog actually makes some kind of sense, so this really is unusual.
I get the vibes of a bald-man joke with this lol

Rock head is ishiatama in japanese which also means "inflexible person" btw, though I dont see that being too much help.

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Considering that the trainer was a Psychic, I'm going to assume it's a metaphor as a compliment.

Using google, rockhead means
- A guy who's addicted to cocaine
- A dumb guy
- A guy who isn't flexible in Japanese (Credit: Qwerty_Zoom)
- Upper surface of bedrock and rock salt.

Since a rock isn't shiny becoming shiny like a gem probably means you became better person than before, which means stopping being whichever of the above

I highly doubt he means the first one, and if it's the second one then it would be offensive even if it is compliment coming from a psychic. The third one makes sense since I believe flexibility is an important trait for a person to have for a psychic.

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