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Is there any other way to obtain S.S. Aqua ticket ?
Elm didnt give it to me after I defeated Lance (http://bit.ly/19MAiSu).

if i was you i would tried to beat Launce again..who knows maybe your game just glitched...try it again ,im sure i will work this time.good luck!
If this is an emulator, then that is the problem. You may need to hack then
Thats the 1st thing I tried,and yes it is an emulator
but I found an action replay for scenario items and solved it
Thanks for answering anyway

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This is rather weird.

I assume since you took such high-quality screenshots, that is an emulator or a ROM or a whatever? (An emulator is a game that you play on your computer, 'nless you didn't know. ;3)

If so, then emulators/ROMs normally mess up for some reason.
Really, the only thing you can try your luck with is to produce a GameShark, or an AR Code, or whatever it is. (I don't cheat. >:3)

You can ask someone experienced to do this for you, or you can just stop playing the emulator altogether. You can't really continue any further. Sorryz. 3:

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience