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I Really Want To Know!!!

Technically, Pikachu.
in every region
Yeah, in every region

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In Kanto= Pikachu (obviously)
In Johto= Suicune by the lake in the forest before New bark town
In Hoenn= Im not sure but a Mudkip
In Sinnoh= Starly in the trees
In Unova= Alomomola in the water

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actually Ash didn't see Pikachu 1st, he got Pikachu as his 1st pokemon, his 1st pokemon is unknown as shown in the 1st episode where he was watching a battle between a Nidorino, Gengar and Onix, and he already knows Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur
I dont think he means "On tv" I think he means wild or caught.
Then the answer would be pidgey, and in kalos he saw a helioptile first, the spritsee  then mega blaziken
In X and Y in Kalos,his first Pokémon IN THE REGION!(Not including the Helioptile he sees with Alexa in Kan to;Ash sees a Spritzee,Mega Blaziken came later...:3