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so I was playing a rom of Pokemon cystal and I went did a few things and battled Joey then I went back to rout 1 and I battled about 90 or wild Pokemon and non will apear what do I do?

It was night thank you

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By "Route 1" do you actually mean Route 29, which is the one going from New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City? If so, then were you playing at night? Because Pidgey will only appear Morning and Day, but never at night.

Even if you mean the real Route 1 (it goes from Pallet Town to Viridian City in Kanto), you were most likely to be playing at night, as Pidgey still won't appear then.

So my best guess is you were playing at night. Try it at another time of day if you want a Pidgey.

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