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Well I have been thinking. What if you were to get a Absol for example to appear in the wild (Shiny), Catch it, Change its Nature and Ability to what you want.... BUT, I then breed it with another Absol or ditto whatever... and get the Absol I want with its nature and all. You think the Pokemon Bank Filter would consider the Hatched Absol a "Illegal Pokemon" for it being breed from a Pokemon obviously brought in Pokemon from the AR, or would it be a Legit Pokemon? I hear some people saying the filter will be like seeing into the Pokemons code to see irregulars in it, and I wonder if a hatched Pokemon from a hacked Pokemon would be just like the hacked in Pokemon.

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Breeding a hacked Pokemon won't result in a hacked baby, unless you used some sort of cheat on its egg to give it an otherwise unavailable move for Absol, or if you hack a move into your Shiny Absol and it passes it down. Otherwise, the baby won't be hacked.

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[1]: http://www.gamespot.com/pokemon-black-version/forum/if-you-breed-a-hacked-pokemon-is-the-pokemon-that-hatches-count-as-legit-61623594/

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would using a Fast Egg Hatch cheat cause the baby to be hacked?