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As a storage system, I have better options (other games), so once my Pokémon were transferred into X and Y when they came out, I had no need for it. Now that Sun and Moon are out, I've considered activating my Bank account again, but with all these limitations, I would rather stay on Gen VI. I want to complain to the relevant company/people about Bank's limitations, but I can't find a way to get a message through (I found a way to get a message to the Pokémon Company itself, but they said they weren't responsible for Pokémon bank). I know the player community has made a difference before (costing a pokeball in your bag to get Shedinja when Nincada evolves into Ninjask), so what is my best option if I hope for any chance of a similar result with Pokémon Bank?


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You won't get anywhere with The Pokemon Company. They have joint ownership of Pokemon's copyright and are in charge of its licensing and marketing, but they're not involved with the support of products provided by Nintendo like Pokemon Bank.

Your best way to talk to someone about Pokemon Bank would be to contact Nintendo directly -- you should be able to find contact details for your region via Nintendo's website (e.g. the one for Australia where I'm from is here). Since Nintendo themselves handle customer support for their products, you're unlikely to get anywhere contacting anyone else -- they'd tell you the same thing TPC did or forward you to a support line.

You're not going to like hearing this, but good luck. I'd love for you to prove me wrong, but I highly doubt that any sort of customer service will be in a position to have changes made with Pokemon Bank, and I doubt even more they have ways for you to message them expressly to complain about a service. I'm sure that if fans really did inform the Shedinja evolution change, that it wasn't because of a few people messaging Nintendo and telling to get their act together.

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I'm also Australian, so that is a good start, but I think that was pretty much the same dead end I go to last time. Thankyou for the help and support, and who knows, maybe one day Nintendo might actually give a ship about their customers' desires.
No problem! It's intentionally made difficult to get through to Nintendo I think, but hopefully they are listening in from the inside.
In that case I'll put it here in the slim hope they may read this. Two simple requests: The ability for Pokémon to hold items while in bank (and probably by extension: able to store eggs), and the ability to transfer backwards, as long as the Pokémon, it's moves, and its held item are compatible. After all, they are able to do the latter with Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades, plus block direct trades between X/Y and oRaS with new items. If they could do it all those years ago with generations I and II, why not now just between generations VI and VII with all that technology available to them