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When a new Pokemon game is released, they usually are already working on the next or even the two next games. Do we know anything of the game that will release after Sun & Moon?

Super Smash bros Brawl I think hinted at Diamond and Pearl and their legendaries before the game came out. I could be wrong, but the new Super Smash also hinted at oras before they came out.. Point being look to other nintendo games for clues! I think..
Diamond and Pearl came out two years before Brawl.
then I was wrong... drats
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No. There is no hints as to the next game, but some people think there will be Pokemon Star.

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Idc about a sister game to Sun/Moon, what I really want to happen is DP remakes or Pokemon Z.
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Pokémon Stars was decomfimed weeks ago by Masuda. But there will most likely be another game this year.

You do realize that this "Pokémon Stars" game is just a codename. Just like when Pokémon SM was codenamed "Rainbow".