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E.g., my Archeops uses Pluck on a wild Emolga, which is holding a Cheri Berry and also has Static as its ability. Say Archeops gets paralysed on the turn it uses Pluck. Does Archeops eat the Cheri Berry before getting paralysed, or does it eat the berry after its paralysis, therefore curing itself?

Also, if Pluck OHKOs a Pokemon holding a berry, will the user of Pluck still eat the berry?


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Pluck's effect will activate last I believe, being other secondary effect.

Paralysis will occur before the effect of Cheri berry getting stolen and stuff, so Archeops will immedietly get un-paralyzed.
Test demonstrating
Additionally, you will not gain the effect of a berry if you OHKO the user.
Test demonstrating (Blissey + Chansey were holding lum)