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So I need a flying type (or at very least a Pokemon who can learn fly) to complete my roster but I don't know what Pokemon to use. I have a level 75 Pidgeot that is Shiny which makes me want to use it but it's attack power and move sets seem entirely underwhelming at this point. I also have an Aerodactyl that I am considering but it's move set seems rather limited as well. I also have a Braviary, but It seems too glass cannon-y. Any suggestions for a flying type? The other Pokemon in my party are Serperior, Typhlosion, Vaporeon, Haxorus, and Rhydon.


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Well considering your choices, you're right about Pidgeot with it's mediocre stats and very limited movepool, overall it's kinda a nasty Pokemon but REMEMBER, ingame you can choose whoever you want to be in your party!

However, for the most efficient option I would suggest Aerodactyl.
I dont know what you saw about it's movepool being limited, it can learn a variety of flying and rock type moves, as well as our dear friend earthquake. it's also quite quick and is very helpful against suckers like Swanna etc. who are only weak to electric/rock. It can also hit like a truck from the get go, being a fully evolved Pokemon and all.

Braviary, is a powerhouse. it's lackluster defensive stats are kinda made up for with it's insane attack and decent speed, it also can be EVEN BETTER, with sheer force (i kinda like sheer force, dont judge ;3) But the downside is that it evolves very late in it's 50's, but idk if you can bear having a Rufflet for a long time, and think it's worth it I suppose. Braviary also gets Superpower. Nuff said.

Hope this helps! If you want to get an official checkup statwise or movepool wise, here are the links to their pokedex entries and some sets you could use
You could always keep looking through the Unova dex, but when it comes to pokemanz I think it should be personal preference for ingame. But if you want some good suggestions,

-Crobat is great for it's speed, and decent typing being helpful against grass Pokemon (Also learns fly, even though it's a widdle bat x3)

-Mandibuzz, is very bulky and can take a lot of hits and stall out a great deal of Pokemon, but for ingame I'm kinda guessing you're after quick sweeps but if I'm wrong, mandibuzz can be an asset to any team also helping against the Elite 4 Caitlin with it's dark type moves. (Learns fly too) It also unfortunately evolves in it's 50's too D:

Now, I know you have one of these types in your party already but I would seriously suggest a Golurk regardless. With No Guard, you can spam DynamicPunch and it can learn fly. Like, it's a fat giant rock man. and it flys. Not the first time game freak has thrown logic out the window mind you ) but you get the picture.

Again I hope I helped.

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Hey thanks a ton!  That's great!  I suppose i shall level my Aerodactyl up and see how i like him then! :)  EDIT: And i had no idea Golurk could fly.  Mind=Blown haha
golurk can fly because it has rockets on his feet
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First of all, get rid of Serperior. It has a lot of weakness and only good in speed. Replace it w/ a Roserade. A good flying Pokemon would be Flygon(Speed and Power), Dragonite( Defense and Power), or Braviary (Balence, Plus it has Superpower).

PS. Evovle your Rhydon to a Rhyperior.

you only get rhyperior if you get a rhydon holding a protector from a trade