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Becuase it would be awesome if someone could trade me a baby mudkip becuase I want to train a swampert

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First of all
the "no trading pokemon that are not in your pokedex"
is aplying only to the gts trading
so no worries

and another thing when youl be on chat talk to me I got loads of mudkips that just hatched

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You have to have the pokemon in your pokedex if you use gts, but if you use gts negotiations you might get lucky and get some1 not in your pokedex

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yes beacuse i traded a lugia with my buddy and i have got platnim

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Lol. That is a good answer......
roseradefan is, put lightly, strange :p
lol platnim
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The only way to trade pokemon that aren't in your pokedex is in gts negotiations then you can get any pokemon as long as it isn't an event pokemon. But on the gts in the other hand, it will only let you select the pokemon you want to trade if that pokemon is on your pokedex, but if an event pokemon is on your pokedex then you can get it on the gts.

Hope this helps ;)
-Green Scizor

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What is gts negotiation?