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It's just that if my Pokemon has high fullness, and I play a minigame, the Fullness goes down, for example. So how to keep the stats maximum and balanced?

What I do is first give my Pokemon Poke-Puffs until it shakes its head. Then, I play exactly 2 games with it. Then I pet it for 2-3 times, then feed it more Poke-Puffs until it shakes its head. And then I pet it for a little bit, then a bunch of hearts show up. And the Pokemon's Affection gets maxed and Enjoyment gets 4 stars. Is this a good method?

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Never mind, guys, I know how to balance them. All of you had really great tips though!

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Alright so I know I'm a little late to answer but meh

What I did is I maxed out the affection first. Then I let the Enjoyment meter go up by itself (play minigames for the faster route). After that just feed and do nothing else. Especially don't pet it that will make its enjoyment go down. Just wait until it's full and all your Poke Amie stats are maxed/balanced.

I have a screen shot of my fully maxed Gardevoir. If you want me to upload it comment below

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Play mini-games to increase enjoyment and then feed it until it has full hunger.
This will make enjoyment and hunger both be at maximum.

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Enjoyment decreases hunger and vice versa.
I managed to get them both to maxed out this way.
Test it yourself.
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You don't need to keep hunger maxed out. It's just a way to prevent you from over-using poké puffs to increase affection.

You can max out affection by feeding it Poké Puffs, and once the hunger meter is full, play mini-games to maximize enjoyment and reduce hunger. Then start feeding it Poké Puffs again and repeat the cycle.

In the end, only Affection and Enjoyment need to be filled, hunger can stay empty.

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The question was how to get them maxed not what the point is.
And I just explained it's pointless to keep hunger filled. He might like that answer better for the fact that now he won't have to waste his time on unnecessary things.
However it's not answering the question. It is additional information that was not required.
I'm a she lol
And Icedude is half-right, it's good information, but I didn't ask about that. However, because of you ,Melvin, I found out that hunger doesn't need to be at maximum so that's good to know. If you hadn't said that, I'd probably never know.
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The Making Faces minigame, though super-bugged and all dependent on how well you can trick your 3DS Camera into recognizing certain faces, is a way to increase your PKMN's Enjoyment and Affection without decreasing its Fullness.

Source: PKMN X&Y: The Official Kalos Region Guidebook
Verified by: my experience

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