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I already did the quests with Looker, upgraded my Mega Ring, did the Battle Maison, and I ran into Articuno. I already know about finding Zygarde and Mewtwo, so what's left to do other than re-matching the Elite 4, training and catching Pokemon, and working on the Pokedex?

I actually don't think there is anything else - X and Y have a rather limited post-game, but so do most of the first pair of games in a generation (eg Ruby/Sapphire etc.) I'm only commenting because I am not 100% sure.

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Other than those things you mentioned, pretty much nothing. You could EV train some Pokemon and start playing competitive Wifi battles, if that appeals to you. Perhaps collect all the Mega Stones.

Or you could buy the other version if you don't already have it to see the few differences if you think it's worth it.

X/Y like most of it's predecessors, don't have much post-game content, but i'm pretty sure Pokémon Z will be the bigger, better version, and have alot more to do. You'll just have to wait a year or so for it to be released. That said, no game will ever beat G/S/C/HG/SS in terms of post-game content. :P

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Wow, that kinda sucks. I guess I practically finished the game in less than a week! But yeah, the past games had really good post-games, I'm still not done with some of those. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum's post-games sucked imo too.
well i finished in 3 days  i beat  4 gyms in 1 day and tyhe rest  the next and am already 1/2 done with the  pokedex  and once i transfer all of my gen 5   the dex will be complete as i caught them all while i was bored