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Today I encountered a horde of Zangoose and Seviper that attacker each other, rather than my Gardevoir. Do they simply do that due to natural hate for each other or do other hordes do the same?

OMG I saw this in my game I laughed so hard!

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Only Zangoose and Seviper do that. Other hordes don't attack each other, unless of course they are using a move like Helping Hand that can't hit anything but an ally.

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Durant and heatmor will attack each other.
Yeah you are correct. Keep in mind that the game had only been released for just over a week at that point though. Really nobody had much of a chance to find out stuff like that...
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If you see a horde with different kinds of pokémon, they will occasionally attack each other, but still give you the experience. :P

However, hordes consisting of Pokémon like Plusle/Minun won't attack each other obviously, nor will Nidoran(m) and Nidoran(f), or other similar cases.

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murkrow and meowth will also do that