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Is that true that the reason why Fairy-type exist so to neutralize Dragon-type and to neutralize Sableye and Spiritomb, so they had weakness?

Fairy types were created because Dragon types were too advantageous with their few weaknesses and many defenses.

But now what are they gonna come up with against Fairy types? If they really wanted to balance the game, then why didn't they give Fairy types more weaknesses? <_<
Game Freak seriously know all of people who is cheating to get Wonder Sableye and Wonder Spiritomb! That's why they decided to stop it in Gen VI (one and for all!)

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Firstly, thank you for pointing out that. Now Sableye and Spiritomb have a weakness. PAR-TAY!!! :D

Secondly, the main reason I heard about was to give Dragon another weakness due to the minimal weaknesses it had. So, I assume that's the answer. Actually, I have this article to back me up.

If that isn't the reason, they probably just did it do take a risk and do something new.
So... yeah.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Experience and Above Link

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Game Freak have said themselves that the purpose of Fairy-type was to balance the power of Dragon-types, but they never mentioned anything about Sableye and Spiritomb. It appears to be a coincidence that they are weak to Fairy to be honest.

So the Dragon-type related part of it is true, while the Sableye/Spiritomb part is not.

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In my opinion, the Fairy type was mainly implemented to fix the balancing issues with the Dragon and Fighting types. If you check the type chart, it is resistant to fighting and immune to dragon, more or less evening out the metagame (since fighting and dragon types were the most powerful and most used Pokemon types in other gens). It also gave other weaker Pokemon types a chance, as Fairy is weak to Steel, along with the type infamously known for it's pathetically low number of type advantages - Poison.

However I was really pissed off when it was confirmed that Fairy was super-effective against dark types. Seriously GameFreak? The dark types had it hard enough, and now some of my favourite Pokemon (such as Hydreigon and Scrafty) have a 4x weakness to fairy. GRRRRRRRR!
I'm guessing it's true that GameFreak, like you mentioned, implemented the Fairy type to give a weakness to Sableye and Spiritomb, I find this to be the most likely reason for Fairy being super-effective against Dark. But I believe it was an ignorant decision on GameFreak's be halve, since the two said Pokemon were useful because of their lack of any weaknesses, adding a weakness destroyed their novelty.

Sorry for the long post! I always write so much!