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I bought Pokemon version X and would like to add Spritzee to my pokedex. Are there any ncp trainers in X that use it, and where can I find that trainer?


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Well, it says on Serebii that no trainer owns the Pokemon Spritzee, however since the game has been recently released and Pokemon sites are still developing, there is a possibility that I might be wrong.

Hopefully, you can say 'I WANT SPRITZEE' as a shout out and hopefully someone will give it to you. xD

Hope I helped. :)

>i think you have a chance of finding one in the battle chateau on route 7. I have Y and have encountered quite a few trainers with Clauncher and Slurpuff/Swirlix. If all else fails the Fairy gym has the final evolution in their gym and you can trade it then breed. - Pokenubz

So... yeah, that's the answer. Thanks Pokenubz.
(If you want, I can delete this answer so you can answer with your comment.)

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no it doesnt, you have to have seen it at least once.
actually it does still work for pokemon you haven't seen. Scroll down to the bottom and there is an option to enter in the name of a pokemon. Using this you can search for pokemon you haven't seen before.
Oh thats new :P Im sorry HelloBloon
I guess they finally figured out GTS is useless if you can only search for pokémon you've already seen at least once.
GTS search still can only be used for pokemon you have seen :P